Wildflowers of Maine by Kate Furbish

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 I wish I’d read Wildflowers of Maine by Kate Furbish many years ago. Of course, that would have been impossible, because the book was published in 2016 by Downeast Books.


I love to walk in the woods and enjoy the flowers and trees, but I can only identify a few of those gorgeous wild flowers. My plan now is to carry Kate’s book with me, to identify other wildflowers. I had no idea there are so many in Maine.


Some Legislators want to help road slobs

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If you read this column often, you know how much I dislike road slobs, who toss their garbage out their vehicle windows onto my woodlot. I walk the road from my house to my woodlot every couple of weeks and fill one bag with garbage and another with returnable bottles.

Maine has one of the best returnable bottle bills in the country, but the fee apparently isn’t high enough to discourage the road slobs from tossing their bottles along the road.

Wixson captures rural Maine in her Sovereign stories series

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I raced through all four of Jennifer Wixson’s novels that comprise the Sovereign Series. After stopping long enough to write reviews of each of her first two novels, I intended to do that when I finished reading novel #3, The Songbird of Sovereign, but I made the mistake of starting her fourth novel, The Minister’s Daughter, and couldn’t stop to write that third review.


50 Things you must do in Maine.

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           You’ll want to check this book out. Literally. Of the 50 Things To Do In Maine Before You Die, a wonderful book by Nancy Griffin, I’ve checked off 40.

Great cooking with fairies (kids)

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The photos in Fairy House Cooking, published by Down East Books, will amuse and delight you, and wait ‘til you read those stories and recipes! Author Liza Gardner Walsh describes the recipes: “Simple, Scrumptious Recipes & Fairy Party Fun!” Boy, she got scrumptious right.

The kids are the fairies, invading the kitchen to make everything from fruit wands to edible fairy houses. Yes this book made me hungry!

Can bees really thrive at the top of a Paris apartment building?

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 My neighbors raise bees, something I’ve always found fascinating, and of course Linda loves to see them in her extensive flower and vegetable gardens. So I was quick to grab the children’s book, Bees in the City, published by Tilbury House Publishers in Thomaston.

Written by Andrea Cheng, the daughter of Hungarian immigrants, who has been fascinated by bees her entire life, this wonderful book may cause you to rush out and get yourself a bee hive.

I’ll talk about my illness on Maine Calling on Friday

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On Friday, from 1 pm to 2 pm, on Maine Public Radio’s Maine Calling, I’ll be talking about my illness, ALS, with MPBN’s Jennifer Rooks. Nell Davies from the ALS Northern New England Association will join me.

If you can, please listen to the show, and consider calling in with a question.


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