More great game warden stories from South Dakota

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I’m not sure if South Dakota game warden D.B. McCrea is ever going to run out of stories.


I enjoyed and wrote about McCrea’s first two books, The Forgotten Lawmen, Parts 1 and 2. But I have to say his new short book, The Forgotten Lawmen 3, includes some of his best stories.


Now I’m wondering if he’s saving the very best stories for his last book. Will there be a last book? If book 3 is his last book, I can only thank him for sharing these stories with us.


Valuable Salt Marshes Are Disappearing

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If you have ever enjoyed a Maine salt marsh, this is alarming news.

Perhaps you have birded there, hunted ducks, or fished. I’ve done all of those and more. But it’s the critical importance of our salt marshes as habitat that is most important.

“Scientists, who say these tidal wetlands are critical components of coastal environments, have been sounding the alarm for years,” reported Wanda Curtis in the recent Working Waterfront newsletter of the Island Institute.

Stunning doesn’t begin to describe these photos of Maine’s High Peaks

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John and Cynthia Orcutt have blessed us with amazing photos in their book, Enduring Heights – The High Peaks of Maine.


As Senator Angus King writes in the forward, “The vistas are so wide, the colors so subtle, the forests so deep, that the urge to see for yourself will be pretty hard to resist.” Boy, Angus got that right.


Take this trip to Corinth - in the 1800s

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Annals of Childhood is a wonderful look back to Corinth, Maine from the 1830s to 1900s, written by Abby Jones Goodwin in 1903.


I love history, and this is a very special trip to this very special place in our state. Goodwin was 68 when she wrote this series of stories, which feature reflections from her childhood.


The stories demonstrate the lessons and love of her family and community. It’s all about the rural life, something many of us value in Maine’s small rural towns.

Legislature acts on noise suppression devices and nonresident deer hunter

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The legislature’s Inland Fisheries and Wildlife unanimously endorsed two interesting bills this week.

LD 1823 will assure the continuation of the law that allows nonresident hunters who own more than 25 acres, and allow us to hunt there, to join us in hunting on the opening day of the firearms season on deer.

Nonresident hunters are not allowed to hunt on opening day, with the exception of these landowners.

Check out this Catching Health Podcast about my ALS Illness

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 Diane Atwood hosts podcasts on her Catching Health website, and I did a recent show with her, as did the director of the ALS Association's Northern New England Chapter. You can listen here:

Fisheries Group Reviews Disappointing Legislative Work Session

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 “The committee is sometimes confused,” said Francis Brautigam, speaking on February 16 to his fisheries working group about the legislature’s Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Committee.

Francis was deeply upset about the February 6 IFW Committee work session on expanding protection for our native brook trout. I reported on that work session in this column on February 9.

I am afraid that Francis doesn’t understand that the IFW Committee has jurisdiction over his agency and programs, and he needs to keep them informed on the issues and earn their respect.

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