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          We fell in love with the Pick Up Cafe in Skowhegan a few years ago. We watched as they expanded their seating by adding a beautiful pergola and patio on the front of the restaurant. The café closed a while back, and Adam and Rosa are now running Rosa’s catering business and also working at the Blessed Maine Herb Farm - her mom’s business.

          And here’s the really good news. The restaurant space has recently opened up as The Miller’s Table. What a perfect name, as it is housed in a part of the grain mill. They have made a lot of changes both in the look of the place and in the menu. An enormous copper wood-fired oven is featured in the cafe area. And to offer more seating they have created a courtyard full of interesting spaces and seating.

          I loved the wooden beam supports with decorative shade cloths and the brick and granite walls surrounding the courtyard. There is a couch with a low table in the center, kale and flowers thriving in attractive wooden planters, fresh flowers in hanging baskets and on the tables. This is a lovely place to relax and I kept commenting on it throughout the meal.

          The menu features small plates, entree specials and pizzas, and relies on fresh local produce and Maine Grains products. The meal starts off with incredible sourdough focaccia, the same dough used in their wood-fired oven pizzas.

          It is no surprise that it is so good, after all this is a gristmill where they grind fresh grains! The Bankery, (a bakery nearby), supplies the dough (and their desserts), but they get their flour from Maine Grains. I could have made a meal of that focaccia.

          I began with a cup of Potato Bacon Chowder, ($4), a creamy version that is pure comfort food. It was thick and creamy with chunks of potato and a nice bacon flavor. 

          One of their specialties is Off The Bone Short Ribs, ($26). Slow roasted beef ribs were enhanced with BBQ sauce then topped with tomatoes, Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheese and a little crumbled bacon. My eyes widened when I saw the large portion. Alongside was healthy servings of roasted red potatoes and roasted cauliflower and carrots.

          There was no way possible for me to do this plate justice even though it was delectable. But I decided not to feel bad about that when I noticed the table near us split this dish as their single entree.

          I will say that the leftovers were amazing and that George and I shared them as a complete lunch the next day. A wood-fired oven is not an easy thing to conquer, but I would say they already have the hang of it. Now I just need to get back there soon to try that pizza!





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