Mapping Murder by William D. Andrews

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 I’d been eagerly awaiting the third novel by William Andrews, and was delighted when it was published this year. Mapping Murder once again features Julie Williamson, director of the Ryland Historical Society, in a small western Maine town. Julie turns out to be a relentless and effective solver of crimes.

In this novel, valuable artifacts are stolen from several museums, and one director ends up being shot and killed. William’s friends at the Bethel Historical Society, a wonderful place, gave him the opportunity to learn about historical institutions and the important role they play in the life of a small community.

Having gotten to know William’s characters, I was delighted to get them back for another intriguing whodunit. The info on the back of the book indicates it “is sure to keep you up reading all night.” Well, I’m too old to stay up all night, but I did stay up much later than usual to finish this compelling read.

A couple years ago, I met William at a Christmas party hosted by Islandport Press for its authors, staff, and friends. Islandport published my first book, A Life Lived Outdoors, and the travel book Take It From Me written by my wife Linda and me.

When William told me at the party he’d written two novels, set in a small rural Maine town, I charged out into the warehouse and grabbed them off the shelf.

At that point I didn’t know if Andrews was a good writer – in fact, I really didn’t know who he is – but I’m a sucker for any book about Maine, fiction or nonfiction. Turns out he is a very good writer. His first two novels are Stealing History and Breaking Ground. I especially loved the extensive dialogue in both novels. And now I’m hooked.

I hope novel number four is coming soon, William!

Since starting to review books about Maine and by Maine authors, I’ve been impressed with the novels and novelists published by Islandport Press, which generally only publishes one or two novels a year. They do know how to pick winners!

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