Lubec and Campobell - the perfect vacation

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            It’s the perfect Maine vacation. We left home in mid-morning so that we’d be in Milbridge for lunch at Vasquez, a fantastic Mexican take-out restaurant. We never drive by this place, and it’s nice to see our column about it posted next to the window where you pick up your delicious – and very inexpensive – food.

            We divert from our route to Lubec by a few miles to pick up the freshest crabmeat you’ll ever get at Mrs. Griffins in Edmunds. And then it’s on to Lubec, where the bridge carries us to Campobello Island, Canada.

            We settle in quickly at “our cabin” (#5) at Island Chalet, where Rob and Diane Lahey offer great hospitality and wonderful cabins perched on the ocean. Each of the 5 cabins includes 2 bedrooms, plus a full kitchen and living room. But my favorite thing is the porch, where I could sit for days relaxing and enjoying the view. We’ve being staying here for 15 years.

            From the comfortable lawn chairs surrounding an outdoor fireplace, to the daily housekeeping service by the very friendly Faye, once you stay here, you’ll be returning a lot, just like us. And the cost of staying several nights here is comparable to a single night in a hotel on the southern Maine coast.

            The next day, we spent the morning at West Quoddy Head Light in Lubec, where my great-grandfather was the keeper for 32 years. We hiked the bog and the spectacular shoreline and visited with the volunteers who now staff the lighthouse.

            That afternoon found us up the road from our cabin, enjoying the Franklin Roosevelt International Park, 2800 acres of remote beaches, bogs and trails. Astonishingly, we were the only ones on the two beaches and beautiful Liberty Point where we spent time.

            And then it was back to Lubec for a great dinner at our favorite restaurant, Frank’s Dockside. Our server, Courtney, on the job only two days, was very attentive, and I enjoyed our conversation. Her Dad and my Mom both grew up in Lubec. I chowed down on two favorites: fish chowder ($7) and seafood cobain ($24).

            The chowder was stuffed with fish and the buttery broth was very tasty. I’m stuck now on the cobain, a trio of shrimp, scallops, and crab sautéed with spinach and butter and then baked with cooper cheese. Sooo tasty!

            I love everything about Frank’s including the outside deck seating, and the binoculars at the inside tables. Yes, you can pick those up to watch birds and seals in the fast-rushing water that is right outside the restaurant. And Frank is right inside the open kitchen window when you enter the restaurant, always ready with a funny comment or joke.

            The next night we returned to Frank’s for dinner with two friends, and I enjoyed the veal dish Linda raved about on Thursday night. Wow, it is fantastic. We’ll be back in Lubec in August, and I can’t wait to enjoy another dinner or two at Frank’s Dockside.

            On Monday, as we prepared to return home, we lingered long at Island Chalet, enjoying the sun, the cool ocean breeze, and the stunning scenery. And on the way home, we stopped again for crabmeat, and enjoyed another lunch at Vasquez. What a great vacation!


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