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          I love Gale White’s story. A nuclear physicist who dramatically changed careers, he selected Maine for that life changing experience, going first to Bar Harbor, which was far too crowded for him, and then being directed to Lubec by a knowledgeable bartender, where Gale purchased a small breakfast place.

          Gale met and married a local lady, Mcginley Jones, a massage therapist, and opened his own brewery three years ago, brewing 30 gallons a week initially, and expanding to 240 gallons a week today. They began serving food and now remain open all year long, Thursday through Sunday nights, with live music every night.

          I can tell you it is unusual for any restaurant in Lubec to stay open during the winter, and that’s just one of the ways you’ll recognize Gale and Mcginley’s commitment to this beautiful oceanside town where my Mom grew up.

          We owe that Bar Harbor bartender, who even got out a map to make sure Gale got to the right place, for directing Gale to Lubec, because he is contributing so much to this community. And the community stepped up big time to help him, doing everything from painting the restaurant’s walls to donating old things from long-gone Lubec stores.

          Gale is especially enthusiastic about the farmers who are now growing organic grains and hops for his brewery. His restaurant features organic foods, with many sourced locally.

          Linda and I enjoyed a Saturday night here, including the fantastic music of the O’MCreLLi band. Our vivacious and knowledgeable server, Emily, let us know her Dad, Jim O’Neil, was in the band, and is also an artist with a gallery in North Lubec. Other band members are Kara McCrimmon and John Viselli.

          When we entered the brewery, every seat was taken, from the picnic tables to the bar to the couches and chairs. You can eat and drink at any of these, but we were lucky as a table for two opened up while we were talking with Mcginley, and we grabbed it.

          Gale’s beers are raw and unfiltered, and I enjoyed his “Bailey’s Mistake” – a black ale ($5) with local hops which I have enjoyed here before. My appetizer of Portuguese Sausage and Kale Soup ($7 for a cup) was a tasty blend of Tide Mill Farm’s organic kielbasa and hot sausage, roasted potatoes, onions, garlic, herbs and spices, in chicken broth. All that added taste, but I think I especially enjoyed it because the soup included his beer, Days First Light, an English bitter.

          Gale’s menu is short, but decisions are still tough. I opted for his Haddock cakes ($10), a special that night, and the two cakes were perfectly cooked and topped with a tasty sauce. And I have to say I also loved Linda’s pizza, which would have drawn us back later in the week, but Gale and his crew took a well deserved week off for an end-of-summer vacation.


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