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The One-in-a-Million-Boy is a one-in-a-million book

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Monica Wood’s new novel is wonderful as well as compelling, no surprise from this amazing Maine author. I was a fan of her first four novels when I first met her while birding in Evergreen Cemetery in Portland. After introducing myself, Monica told me she was working on a new book, which excited me.

But then she said it was an autobiography about growing up in Mexico, Maine when the Rumford paper mill dominated the region and economy. I didn’t say anything, but that disappointed me. I wanted a new novel!

And then I got her autobiography, When We Were The Kennedys, and it was one of the best I have ever read.  I was so impressed with the book that I included a column I wrote about it in my own book, A Life Lived Outdoors, published in March of 2014 by Islandport Press.

The Journey Within by Dinesh Patel

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 Astonishing Photos of African animals will mesmerize you!

From the cover photo of stampeding wildebeest, part of The Great Migration in the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem, to the last photos of a Somali Ostrich and Vulturine Guinea Fowl, Dinesh Patel brings 50 years of wildlife photography to a stunning close in The Journey Within.

He spent most of his life on safari, all over Africa, hoping to take each of us along to enjoy, appreciate, and hopefully save, these beautiful African animals. With advanced Parkinson’s disease, Patel is no longer able to travel the African continent, so he decided to turn this book into a conservation effort, hoping to bring global awareness to the needs of these amazing animals.

Who knew they could take photographs in the 1840s?

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 Who knew they could take photographs in the 1840s? Not me, that’s for sure!

Maine Photography gives us a fascinating look – literally, with lots of photos – of the evolution of picture taking. No selfies back then! Lucky them!

Published by Down East Books and written by Libby Bichof, an associate professor of history at USM, Susan Danley, a curator of art exhibits, and Earle Shettleworth, our state historian, the book gets deep into the history of photography, featuring short biographies of outstanding photographers through the ages.

An inspiring look at our New Mainers

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                When I wrote a newspaper column a few weeks ago, proposing that we call immigrants “new Mainers,” I had no idea there was a book by that name, published by Tilbury House in 2009. But that book was quickly called to my attention and I ordered up a copy of it.

                Wow, this is an eye-opening, inspiring, and very important book, a book I hope ever Mainer will read. These wonderful folks aspire to be Mainers, and that’s a great compliment to those of us who were lucky enough to be born here and lived our lives here.

Red Dawn delivers great New England crime stories

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                 I was drawn in by the words “Best New England Crime Stories” at the top of the book, Red Dawn, the final book in a series that has been published annually for six years. I love true crime stories, and thought that’s what this was. Surprise! These are all works of fiction

Anglers Congress created Maine fishing initiative – in 2008.

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 It’s never too late – at least I hope not. The Sportsman’s Alliance organized an Anglers’ Congress in 2008, with statewide participation by many organizations and clubs, to create a state fishing initiative. As Maine’s Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife works this year to create new fisheries management plans, the suggestions of the Anglers’ Congress provide excellent direction and ideas. Here they are.

General Themes

There is no accountability at DIF&W for the decisions, plans, and policies created by fisheries biologists (including no financial accountability).

An underfunded unresponsive system has caused a decline in Maine’s fishery and number of anglers.

DIF&W does not grasp the economic value of anglers as other states have done.

We are unable to interact effectively with DIF&W.

25 Best Towns - Fly Fishing for Trout by Bob Mallard

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 From the stunning photographs to the many details that can make your fishing trip easy and fun, Bob Mallard’s landed a trophy with his new book: 25 Best Towns – Fly Fishing For Trou, published by Stonefly Press. After a long career as a fly fisherman and fly shop owner, Bob has become a prolific writer, published in many national and regional newspapers and magazines, and author of several terrific books.

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