Stroby's Kings of Midnight Grips and Grabs You

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Just when my stash of mysteries and crime novels was getting low, Wallace Stroby’sKings of Midnight arrived in my mailbox. It was a very special surprise because I’d never heard of Stroby, even though he’s an award-winning novelist.

I call this a very special surprise because not only did Kings of Midnight grip and grab me from the first page, but now I’ve got more Stroby novels to look forward to. Next up for me will be The Barbed-Wire Kiss, a Barry Award finalist.

If it’s better than Kings of Midnight, I’ll be amazed.  Crissa Stone is the compelling criminal star of this novel, full of impressive heists, conflicts, and nail-biting risks. And best of all, dialogue drives it all.

My favorite mysteries and crime novels are full of great dialogue (think Robert Parker), and Stroby offers lots of fast-paced dialogue that helps you fly through the novel. I literally flew through the 266 pages in one afternoon and evening.

I know it’s trite to say I couldn’t put the book down, but I couldn’t. I even missed the evening TV news. Probably wasn’t anything on the news as exciting as this book.

Published this year by the St. Martin’s Publishing Group, part of Minotaur Books, Kings of Midnight will send you looking for Stroby’s other novels. I can’t wait for my next one!

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