New book features a lifetime of hunting and fishing stories

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 My hunting and fishing heritage and experiences have been very important parts of my life, which makes it very exciting to announce the publication of my new book, A Lifetime of Hunting & Fishing, published by North Country Press.

Subtitled The Ones That Got Away and the Ones That Didn’t, the front cover features a photo of me and my Dad with the last turkey we got before he passed away. There are lot of stories in the book about my days hunting and fishing with Dad.

The book is a collection of stories written over the last 30 years about my lifetime of hunting and fishing in Maine, plus hunting and fishing adventures in Labrador, Quebec, Montana, North Dakota, and Alaska.

I’ve been blessed many times over by the opportunities to enjoy my favorite pursuits, both in my free time and for work. Yes, hunting and fishing were part of my work life. Lucky me! I talked to a class at the University of Maine in Machias a couple years ago, and the first question they asked was how did I get a job that required me to hunt and fish.

You’ll walk my woodlot with me in the first section of the book, as I tell you all my hunting stories that occurred there. Section two features stories about my “best bucks (and does) and hunts.” I think you will especially enjoy section three, “Game mistakes (and other weird things).” Yup, I made lots of mistakes!

Section four features wild animal tales, including battles with the wild critters that got into our house. Section five features favorite fishing stories, and in section six you’ll get my best stories of fishing, hunting, and birding the world. The final section is three fictional stories based on true stories.

I hope you’ll buy and enjoy the book, which will be available wherever books are sold, including at If you want to contact me, I can ship a copy to you too. Email your request to

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