Great cooking with fairies (kids)

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The photos in Fairy House Cooking, published by Down East Books, will amuse and delight you, and wait ‘til you read those stories and recipes! Author Liza Gardner Walsh describes the recipes: “Simple, Scrumptious Recipes & Fairy Party Fun!” Boy, she got scrumptious right.

The kids are the fairies, invading the kitchen to make everything from fruit wands to edible fairy houses. Yes this book made me hungry!

But there’s a lot more than recipes and cooking stories in this wonderful book. Offering everything from tips on foraging for wildflowers to party drinks, this book will keep your kids busy for a long long time - and you too!

I was particularly interested in recipes for birdseed cookies for our feathered friends and other critters. My wife Linda, who has bird feeders all over our yard and even attached to our windows, is going to make those birdseed cookies soon. And yes, I will probably eat some of them! They look delicious.

As Walsh writes, “I remember the smell of my grandmother’s applesauce cake filling up her kitchen and I remember thinking she was a little bit magical. I’m not sure if it was her influence but I have always loved to bake… But I never dreamed I would someday write a cookbook about food inspired by fairies!”

Walsh’s kids tested a lot of the recipes and asked their friends to try things. She said groups of kids helped create the recipes and did the tasting. Sure do wish I’d been in that group!

I have to finish where I started, with the photos of those kids. They are just so delightful, and their enthusiasm for cooking (and eating) is wonderful. While your kids or grandkids will love this book, so will you.




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