Wildfire is Back!

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Suffering football withdrawal? I’ve got just the antidote. Watch Wildfire, Maine’s most popular TV show!

Well ok, Wildfire may not be the most popular show, but it is available on the Time Warner cable station in more than 300,000 shows and on the website of Maine Audubon.

The show airs on Wednesday nights at 7 pm, beginning on February 13. In most areas, the Time Warner channel is 9. It will also air on other days and times, as yet to be announced.

After 11 years on commercial and cable stations, this TV talk show, cohosted by Harry Vanderweide and me, went off the air at the end of 2010 when I retired from the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine to write full time.

I am delighted to report that Maine Audubon has brought the show back to the airwaves, updated and even more entertaining. Harry and I still do the interview portion of the show that focuses on conservation, environmental, hunting, fishing, and other outdoor recreation issues.

Bob Duchesne, term-limited out of the legislature last year and a retired radio personality, as well a member of Maine Audubon’s Board, is doing three one-minute segments for each show, focused on Audubon’s issues, concerns, and educational opportunities.

The first show focuses on legislative issues. If you can’t wait for Wednesday night’s airing, you can watch Wildfire right now on Maine Audubon’s website.


PHOTO: Maureen Drouin of the Maine Conservation Alliance is our guest this week on Wildfire.

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