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Crappie messages issued on invasive fish species

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                 The mixed messages about invasive fish species could not have been more evident than these summer of 2012 headlines from Maine’s Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

                “A Popular Newcomer: Black Crappie,” trumpeted one headline in DIF&W’s weekly newsletter. “MDIFW Encouraging the Taking of Largemouth Bass,” headlined an agency press release.

                The latter effort came after the discovery of illegally introduced largemouth bass in the Grand Falls Flowage. The “popular crappie” is also an illegally introduced species now found in more than 300 Maine waters.

Great shooting instructions and hunting stories in Brad Varney’s new book

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Brad Varney’s new book, Maine-ly Wing Shooting, is not only an exceptional how-to instructional guide, but also an entertaining read of stories. Brad is the best shooting instructor in the state. I can say that because he significantly improved my bird shooting success in a single lesson a few years ago.

I’ve enjoyed five pheasant hunting adventures in North Dakota with some of my Maine hunting buddies. The first time I went with them, it took me 23 shots to kill my three pheasants. Jim Robbins felt sorry for me and offered me one of his side-by-side shotguns, and the next day, I got my three pheasants with four shots. But my shooting continued to be erratic, so I did two things when I got home.

George Smith’s new book, Maine Sporting Camps, is a lollapalooza!

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 Many thanks to my friend Harry Vanderweide for this wonderful review of my new book, Maine Sporting Camps, published by Down East Books. Here is Harry's review.

You’ll love this fishing song!

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 Peter Prince is a singer/songwriter who loves to fish in Maine. So it’s no surprise that he’s written a great fishing song. No, not a song you’ll sing while you are fishing. A song you will enjoy listening to before you go or after you have been out fishing. Actually, given that the song is about an encounter with a Maine game warden, perhaps you’d better listen to it before you go fishing!

Peter told me, “It all began in 1970 when, after reading an article about Smallmouth Bass fishing in Field and Stream, I decided a trip to the north country was in order. The names of the lakes were mesmerizing to me: Pocomoonshine, Scraggly, Meddybemps, Cobbosseecontee, Messalonskee, and the rivers, the Androscoggin, Kennebec, Sebasticook, and Penobscot.”

Bradford Camps are a state treasure

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I’m sitting in the living room of the lodge at Bradford Camps, on Musgungun Lake in the north woods, staring at a mount of a big bull moose and the pelt of a bear. To my left a fire is blazing in a beautiful stone fireplace, above which is a salmon mount done by the amazingly talented David Footer. In addition to mounting the fish, Dave painted a beautiful scene on the board holding the fish.

In the dining room is what must be one of the most beautiful pieces Dave ever did, a very colorful brook trout mounted on a gorgeous painting of two guys fishing in a canoe.

Can you get rid of those nasty geese? Not hardly!

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 An adult goose poops 8 times a day, depositing ½ to 1 pound of droppings, leaving a disgusting unhealthy mess. If you are plagued by a group of geese, you know what I’m saying. In a week, they can leave an astonishing amount of poop on your lawn.

Third “Wildlife on the Move” kids’ book is exceptional

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