Erratic heart beat endangers deer hunt

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 November 11 – Deer Hunting

                Or maybe it’s the other way around. Studies have shown that the sight of a big buck can send your blood pressure and pulse skyrocketing. Actually, that might be just the remedy for my problem, an erratic and often too-slow heartbeat.

                After passing out in a Gardiner restaurant on the Friday night before opening day of the firearms season on deer, I was carted to the Augusta hospital in an ambulance and captured in the cardiac unit there for the weekend. I argued strenuously, in the ambulance before it left Gardiner, that I felt much better and didn’t want to go to the hospital. They called my wife Linda in, showed me my EKG, and that was that. Off to the hospital we went.

Badger Cafe - Pub style with a twist

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 You’ll love the sense of community as well as the great food at The Badger Café and Pub in Union.

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Long Grain Restaurant

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The note at the top of Long Grain’s menu, “Asian Home Cooked & Street Foods,” doesn’t begin to describe the creative and delicious food in this very popular Camden eatery.

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George's Outdoor Picks - This fly fishing novel will hook you

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 The Contest by James Hurley is like fishing: consider the first 50 pages as preparation for the first cast. I’ve never liked all the preparation that goes into a fishing experience, I just like to fish, and Hurley’s novel began a bit slowly for me.

But I hooked my first fish on page 50, and after that, I couldn’t leave the water.

This seems like an appropriate analogy because the novel, published by Islandport Press in Yarmouth, is about a group of anglers in the Samuel Tippett Fly Fishers Club in a small Maine town. It’s about trout, fishing, river ecology and conservation, and friendships, with some important and insightful lessons of life rising to the surface.

I read the entire novel while in the cardiac unit at the local hospital, suffering an erratic heartbeat. I don’t think that had anything to do with the novel. But it does get exciting once you’re in the water.

Landowner Relations Program Gets Kicked Downstairs – Again

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The Fish and Wildlife Department’s landowner relations program is woefully inadequate – indeed, it is barely a program at all, and the rest of us, including the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine, have failed to step up with our own programs and initiatives.

This statement was part of my remarks to SAM’s 2003 Sportsman’s Congress. At that time, I was SAM’s executive director. Later that year the legislature responded to this problem by creating the Landowner and Sportsmen Relations Advisory Board. It took two years for Governor John Baldacci to appoint the Board’s members, and the Board has never been effective. I’ll bet you don’t even know this Board is still in existence.

Despite the rhetoric about the importance of maintaining Maine’s traditional recreational access to private lands, and the many ideas, task forces, committees, boards, legislative bills, projects, and programs we’ve launched, today we’re right back where we started.

Ladies Take Off the Gloves for Bear Referendum

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 Bob Duchesne’s Wild Maine tackles the controversial subjects of bear hunting and trapping – and he lets the ladies make their cases first – on two recent editions of his always-entertaining radio show.

Bob’s a term-limited legislator, the author of The Maine Birding Trail and the state’s top birding guide, a long-time retired radio personality, a member of Maine Audubon’s Board who is working with us our on TV talk show Wildlife – and oh yea, this year he started this new weekly radio show. A very busy guy.

Bob’s first bear show can be accessed here and his second bear show can be accessed here.

These shows are really good, a thorough exploration of the issues that will dominate the 2014 referendum initiated by the Humane Society of the United States.

Red Sox got live Maine bear

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 “For the second consecutive year, a live bear will be awarded the first Boston Red Sox player who hits a home run.

“Officials of the Maine Department of Development of Industry and Commerce, sponsors of the gift, say that the bear, Homer the Second, is housed at the Maine State Game Farm at Gray. He is three months old, one of quadruplets rescued by wardens after his mother died.

“Homer the First was won last year by Norm Zauchin, who hit two home runs. Zauchin donated his prize to the Birmingham, Alabama zoo.”

From the Maine Outdoorsman and Conservationist newspaper, September, 1956.

The home run had to be hit during State of Maine Day at Fenway Park.

Go Sox! Bear Up! 

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