Should nonresidents get to hunt on the opening day of Maine’s deer hunt?

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 Your opinion on this key question matters, and I’ll give you a chance to express your opinion at the end of this column.

Legislation that called for reduced hunting license fees for nonresidents who owned 250 acres of more and allowed residents to hunt there has led to a discussion of the possibility of allowing all nonresidents to hunt on the “Residents Only” opening day of the firearms season on deer.

LD 609, sponsored by Representative John Martin, has been discussed several times in work sessions by the legislature’s Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Committee, but today’s discussion took a different turn when Dave Trahan, executive director of the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine, told the committee he’d heard a suggestion that the committee allow all nonresidents to hunt on Saturday’s opening day, which has been reserved for residents for at least three decades.

Find the elephant on Fairfield's Main Street

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                See if you can find the elephant that’s almost hidden on Fairfield’s Main Street. You’ll be very pleasantly surprised when you do.

                We are very fortunate that Iqbal Hossan and his wife Shawn have opened the Dancing Elephant in our neck of the woods, a beautiful Indian restaurant and lounge featuring truly amazing cuisine. This is an extraordinarily hard-working family, originally from Bangladesh. Iqbul stays overnight in an apartment upstairs in this building that he purchased earlier this year, while Shawn drives up every afternoon from their Portland home with their two teenage children after the kids get out of school.

My Greatest Fishing Adventure - Alaska's Kodiac Island

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Kodiac Island - My greatest fishing adventure - Photo Essay Part One

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Stranded on Alaska's Karluk River - Fun!

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 This is the third and final column in this series about my fishing adventures on Kodiac Island, Alaska.

Changes Coming in Maine’s Turkey Hunt

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In response to changes in Maine’s turkey hunt enacted last year by the Maine legislature, the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife has advertised rule changes that will apply to the hunt this year. The only surprise to me is that the agency will schedule the week of turkey hunting in November in the first week of that month. SAM, which proposed the change, wanted the week before Thanksgiving to be designated. Here’s the summary and other information presented by DIF&W, followed by the history of these issues over the last few years.

What can I shoot and when can I shoot it? Part three – It was a red squirrel. Honest!

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 This is the third in a series that will answer the questions: What can you shoot and when can you shoot it?

Please allow me to make a correction. When I wrote in this series that I shot gray squirrels that were eating Linda’s bird seed, I meant red squirrels. Turns out it’s illegal to shoot gray squirrels, except with a hunting license and during the gray squirrel hunting season. And even then, it’s illegal to bait them.

Special thanks today to Warden John MacDonald who answered my questions about this intriguing issue. In response to this series, the Maine Warden Service also posted information about what you can shoot and when, on its website in the Frequently Asked Questions section, and you can read that here.

Kill them all!

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