Injured birds get great treatment at Avian Haven

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 Avian Haven does amazing work with injured and other wild birds. Its 2015 annual report is both informative and fascinating, and was, as they report, “an unprecedented growth year.”

Will Maine legislators support fish and wildlife marketing?

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The following briefing paper and request, written by me, will be distributed in the Maine House of Representatives by Representative Bob Duchesne and in the Maine Senate by Senator Tom Saviello. If you care about this issue, please contact them and ask them to vote for Rep. Duchesne's bill to establish a marketing position and budget at the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.


Message for Legislators

Confused by fishing rules? Get this app.

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                 When Ron Cote of West Gardiner called to tell me he’d created an app for Maine’s fishing rules, I knew immediately it would be popular. It wasn’t quite ready for sale, but he said he hoped to make it available in the next couple of months.

                Well, now he has, although so far it’s only available for Android phones, for $3.99. Because you download it to your phone, you don’t need internet service to access the information. The app works on your smartphone’s GPS so you’ll know where you are and what the rules are governing that lake or pond.

Red Dawn delivers great New England crime stories

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                 I was drawn in by the words “Best New England Crime Stories” at the top of the book, Red Dawn, the final book in a series that has been published annually for six years. I love true crime stories, and thought that’s what this was. Surprise! These are all works of fiction

Going, going, gone – the Maine Fishing Initiative

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 This week I’ve been telling you about recommendations from a 2008 Angler’s Congress, and the comprehensive Maine Fishing Initiative created by the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine following the Congress. In 2009 SAM proposed the Maine Fishing Initiative in a legislative bill, sponsored at our request by Representative Bob Duchesne.

Seventy one State Representatives and 24 State Senators had endorsed the Maine Fishing Initiative’s goals in their 2008 candidate survey. So it must have been enacted, you say? Well, you’d think so, but the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife opposed the bill, and it was defeated.

Maine Fishing Initiative - It's time to enact this!

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 In 2008, after gathering ideas at a statewide conference of organizations and clubs focused on fishing, the Fishing Initiative Committee of the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine created this Maine Fishing Initiative, which SAM submitted as legislation in 2009. Seventy one State Representatives and 24 State Senators had endorsed the Maine Fishing Initiative’s goals in their 2008 candidate survey. Tomorrow I’ll tell you what happened to the initiative. Today, I present the goals, principles, and tactics that comprised the initiative.


Anglers Congress created Maine fishing initiative – in 2008.

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 It’s never too late – at least I hope not. The Sportsman’s Alliance organized an Anglers’ Congress in 2008, with statewide participation by many organizations and clubs, to create a state fishing initiative. As Maine’s Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife works this year to create new fisheries management plans, the suggestions of the Anglers’ Congress provide excellent direction and ideas. Here they are.

General Themes

There is no accountability at DIF&W for the decisions, plans, and policies created by fisheries biologists (including no financial accountability).

An underfunded unresponsive system has caused a decline in Maine’s fishery and number of anglers.

DIF&W does not grasp the economic value of anglers as other states have done.

We are unable to interact effectively with DIF&W.

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