A touch of French elegance in an historic coastal inn

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Lincolnville Center
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A touch of French elegance in a beautiful historic Maine building make the Youngtown Inn unique, stunning, and popular.


                The Lincolnville Book Festival gave us our first opportunity to write about the town, and the minute we saw a photo of the Youngtown Inn, we knew that it was the place for us. It didn’t hurt that people rave about the Inn’s French restaurant.

                We love old historic inns but this one surprised us. In the Young family for about 180 years, it was purchased by a nonfamily member and converted to an inn in the early 1980s. Manuel and MaryAnn Mercier purchased it in 1991, turning it into the place they raised their three boys, a welcoming inn, and an amazing restaurant.

Sportsmen are vulnerable on bear hounding and trapping

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Sportsmen are vulnerable on bear hounding and trapping, making the defeat of the referendum that would ban bear trapping and bear hunting with bait and dogs more difficult. The Humane Society of the United States will focus its fall campaign on hounding and trapping – emphasizing that “Maine is the only state that allows all three practices.” That’s true only because we’re the only state that allows bear trapping.

It’s much easier to defend baiting. The majority of states that have bear hunts allow baiting. Some states even allow hunters to bait deer. But the fact that Maine allows bears to be baited but not deer (or even turkeys) invites nonhunters to question the fairness of baiting.

It's time to celebrate Tom Hennessey's new book - and you are invited!

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 Tom Hennessey has combined a talent for art and the skills of an outdoor writer to create his own special place in Maine. In Leave Some For Seed, his new book published this month by Islandport Press, he’s done it again, with wonderful stories and amazing drawings and paintings.

On Thursday, August 28, from 6 pm to 8 pm, you are invited to a celebration for Tom’s new book at the Penobscot Country Conservation Association in Brewer. Tom will decorate the club house with his art, there will be a plentiful supply of beverages and food, and best of all, you can get an autographed copy of the book and hear Tom talk about it.  It’s going to be a lot of fun and I encourage you to join us that night.

Your pet is unhealthy and unhappy, says former Veterinarian

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Got a pet? Former Veterinarian Charles Danten says he or she is probably unhealthy and definitely unhappy. Perhaps that smile you see on your pet’s face is actually a grimace.

Slaves of our Affection, subtitled The Myth of the Happy Pet, exposes the dark and disastrous underbelly of the pet world. And it ain’t pretty.

Swan' Island offers a spectacular get-a-way

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Swans Island
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                About a minute after the Swans Island Ferry left the dock in Bass Harbor, I felt my body relax. Letting a hectic week flow away in the wake of the boat, along with a lengthy to-do list, I gazed out over the water, enjoying the stunning view and a deep breath of cool clean ocean air.

                Our conversation with two ladies from Pennsylvania, also on board and headed to the island for a two week visit at the historic Quarry House, in the family of one of the ladies since she was a child, hinted at the reception we’d get when we arrived: very friendly, eager to share information about their island paradise.

                Everyone we met on the island was friendly, talkative, welcoming. Consider this. Less than 24 hours after arriving, we were invited to the birthday party of an island resident! And we went!

Criticism of LePage Brings Wild Crazy Just Plain Wrong Charges

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I’ve suffered the slings and arrows of criticism in nearly all of my jobs over the last 40 years. It comes with the territory when you are active politically, when you are willing to share your opinions in such public ways (including once a week for 24 years in an editorial column in two daily newspapers and for 14 years on a TV talk show), and when – yes – you dare to speak the truth.

But even I was astonished by the false and ridiculous comments and charges posted at the end of my recent outdoor news blog column about Paul LePage’s broken promises to sportsmen. Many of those comments found their way onto Facebook pages. So – against my better judgment, because I know this will only encourage those who made them, I will respond to those comments and charges, mostly because so many of my friends have asked me to do this.

LePage Should Not Get Votes of Maine Sportsmen or SAM’s endorsement

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Governor Paul LePage does not deserve a good grade from the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine, nor should he get the group’s valuable endorsement for his reelection campaign. And if you are a Maine sportsman who plans to vote for the Governor, you really ought to take a closer look at his record and performance.

As SAM’s Board of Directors approaches its interviews with the three candidates for governor, the group faces a major challenge in figuring out how to deal with the incumbent, who broke key promises that he made to the organization in 2010.

As SAM’s executive director at the time, I prepared the candidate survey and spent a couple of hours with Paul LePage and his campaign manager, John Norris, first in their office and later in mine, going over the survey in detail and answering LePage’s questions. He understood what he was promising. And I believed him.

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