A Whale of a Week in Lubec

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 It was the perfect ending to a wonderful summer: a week in Lubec, including dinner at the Water Street Tavern, our favorite restaurant there, and a very exciting whale watching adventure with Campobello’s Island Cruises.

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Backtracking on our hunting and fishing memories

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Who among us doesn’t spend a lot of time backtracking on our trail of hunting and fishing memories? I certainly do, and so does V. Paul Reynolds.

It was a real pleasure recently to backtrack through Paul’s memories, in his new book Backtrack, published this year by Islandport Press. Paul’s tracks can be found all across Maine, in his jobs as general manager of the Bangor Daily News, spokesman for Maine’s Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, and editor and publisher of Northwoods Sporting Journal.

Despite all of that, his has been a life lived outdoors. More than 50 great memories and moments, presented in these stories of his outdoor adventures, will entertain, inform, and inspire you – perhaps to write your own book of memories, perhaps to just get outside that day to hunt or fish. Or just maybe you will head to the kitchen to make Diane’s beerburger soup. Yummy!

Approaching my 65th birthday, I paid close attention to Tree Stands for Seniors. Good advice, Paul!

Hatcheries still struggle with water discharges

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                For more than two decades, the hatcheries of Maine’s Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife have struggled to meet state rules for the discharge of waste water. It’s a long, sad, history that has frustrated many of the agency’s leaders.

                Millions of have been spent to meet state discharge requirements, yet some of the agency’s hatcheries are currently operating with expired licenses from the Department of Environmental Protection.

                In 1986 the state adopted a new water classification system that reclassified some watersheds. Discharges in Class A waters were required to be equal or better than the waters into which the water was flowing. Many of DIF&W’s hatcheries are on Class A waters.

Lisa Gets Mexican Food Right

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 Here’s the best news of all: Lisa’s Legit Burritos, Gardiner’s delightful gathering place for great food and conversation, will soon open a second location on Water Street in Augusta.

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Climate Change Threatens Maine's Brook Trout

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We’ve heard and read a lot about the alarming increase in green crabs in coastal waters, and the devastating impact the crabs have had on mussels and clams. Lobsters may be next. The city of Brunswick even appropriated $100,000 to work with local clammers to try to save their clam flats.

Warming coastal water seems to be the problem, caused by global warming. Crabs are thriving in the warmer water.

We have heard far less about the impact of climate change on inland fisheries, but perhaps we started to change that yesterday, when I participated in the roll-out of a new report from the National Wildfire Federation titled, “Swimming Upstream: Freshwater Fish in a Warming World.”

The Natural Resources Council of Maine organized the event, a telephone news conference, moderated by NRCM’s Dylan Voorhees. Joining me on the panel were Eric Orff, a National Wildlife Federation wildlife biologist, and Jason McKenzie, owner of New Hampshire’s Suds n’ Soda store that sells sporting goods and caters to sportsmen.

Lots of legislative news on Wildfire

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 The current episode of Wildfire offers lots of news about what the legislature did – and did not do – on fishing, conservation, and environmental issues.

Host Harry Vanderweide and I welcomed guest Beth Ahearn, Political Director and lobbyist for the Maine Conservation Voters, for this 30 minutes tour through the good, the bad, and the ugly of this year’s legislative session.

To see the show, just click on the Wildfire link in the box at the top of this website. You can also watch previous Wildfire shows at Maine Audubon’s website.

Each new show premiers on a Wednesday night and runs for two weeks on Time Warner’s statewide cable network (usually channel 9). It can be seen:

Wednesday at 7 pm

Friday at 7:30 m

Saturday at 2:30 pm

Sunday at 9:30 pm.

Gene Letourneau's last cast

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I've been selecting favorite columns for a book to be published by Islandport Press next year, from the weekly editorial page columns I've written for 22 years for the Kennebec Journal and Waterville Morning Sentinel. Just came across this one about Gene Letourneau. I still miss Gene. How about you?

Gene Letourneau's last cast

                The warm breeze wafting through Sacred Heart Church in Waterville last Thursday surely must have carried Gene Letourneau’s spirit to the great hunting ground beyond our imagination.

                As expected, Letourneau’s funeral featured stories about fly fishing and hunting dogs, but we also heard about his musical talent, faith in God, and devotion to his family, especially his lovely wife Lou who died in 1996. The light went out for Gene then, and he began his own hike to join Lou. He’s there now, sipping that Heavenly cold clear spring water.

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