Unforgettable Quebec fishing adventure with my wife

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                 Mainers are often reluctant travelers. Many have not even traversed the entire state in which they live.

                My folks had never been to Baxter Park until Linda and I purchased a camp near there. Few Mainers have been to Acadia National Park, even though every year millions visit there from all over the world.

                Aroostook County is unknown to most Mainers, its rolling hills of farmland and forests unseen. And I have talked with folks from northern Maine who had never been south of Bangor.

                My grandmother Edith Searles lived almost all of her long life in Lubec, staring across 10 miles of water to Grand Manan Island. And she never set foot on it.

Baby Bear’s NOT Hibernating by Lynn Plourde

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 Well, you know children don’t always behave. And that includes baby bears.

Lynn Plourde’s new book, Baby Bear’s NOT Hibernating, is sure to become a classic. With wonderful illustrations by Teri Weidner, it’s no surprise that Lynn has given us another great book. After all, she’s written thirty children’s books including my favorite, A Moosey Christmas, in which the reindeer take the night off and moose pull Santa’s sleigh. I’ll be reading that one, as well as Baby Bear, to my 2 ½ year old granddaughter this Christmas.

In her new book, baby bear is having too much fun with his friends, a moose, owl, and hare, to hibernate with his parents for the winter. But oh, that cold and snow is something he did not anticipate! Nor did he realize there’s nothing for him to eat in the winter.

Well, it’s a great learning experience for him, for sure! If only it was this easy with our kids.

Buen Apetito is one of our all-time favorite restaurants

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                 It’s easy to see why Buen Apetito is so popular: very tasty food, large portions, and low prices. We’ve been eating at Gary LaPlante’s restaurant since he first opened many years ago in a tiny place up the street. After he moved to his current location, beside Railroad Square Cinema, there was often long lines waiting in the hall to get into the restaurant.       

                Thankfully, Gary has expanded by adding a new entrance with a bar and several tables. You might still have to wait, but not nearly as long as in the past. It was surprisingly busy on a Tuesday night.

Maine breweries featured in great new book

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                 Linda and I honeymooned in Germany 38 years ago, and that’s where I discovered great beer. For years afterward, I drank only German beer. But then, finally, Mainers began to brew great beer.

                Kate Cone’s new book, What’s Brewing in New England, published by Down East Books, includes all of my favorite Maine brews and breweries. The book covers breweries in all the New England states, and I am sure to use it during my visits to our son and his family in Massachusetts.

Island Deer Hunts Use Bait

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Maine’s Fish and Wildlife Advisory Council is expected next week to approve a special two-week deer hunt in Eastport, and this Portland Press Herald story by Randy Billings may be of interest to the good folks in that Down East town.

I was surprised when the folks in Eastport, which is overrun with deer, removed from their proposal the opportunity to use bait to bring the deer into the stands designated by the town. Hunters must sit in those designated stands, without the opportunity to actually hunt through the town to find their deer. They are also limited to the use of bows. No guns.

In my mind, this is less an actual deer hunt and more a controlled deer kill, designed to reduce the number of deer in Eastport. And I am skeptical that it will significantly reduce those numbers, because the number of permits is low.

Perhaps over time, Eastport will look to Maine’s islands for guidance on how to effectively reduce deer populations. Randy’s story is a good place to start. And yes, these islanders use bait.

Driving deer to distraction

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                 Sometimes small changes in hunting laws bring big benefits. My big buck one year was the result of a small law change, proposed by the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine, that legalized deer driving by groups of no more than three hunters, as long as noise makers are not used.

                The deer driving statute was so strict that it prohibited even two hunters from planning and implementing a hunt in which one hunter tried to move deer toward a second hunter. Many Mainers hunt together this way, but technically they were violating the law.

A great place in Yarmouth to gather

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                 You can gather at home, or in this beautiful restaurant in an historic Masonic Hall, but wherever you choose, Gather’s food will impress and please you.

                Our friends Bill Seretta and Lyn Baird, who dine here often, recommended Gather and joined us for dinner there. I was intrigued with the huge space with lots of seating choices, their interesting decorations, and the open kitchen where you can watch the staff prepare your meal. You can sit at a long bar on one side, or booths on the other, or individual tables – including a large setting that accommodates a group of up to 18 diners.

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