Twenty four veterans got their moose in the 2014 special Aroostook moose hunt

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 Twenty four of the 25 disabled veterans who got moose hunting permits for the special Aroostook County moose hunt, held in August, got their moose. Last year 50 permits were issued and 31 hunters were successful in bagging a moose.

Mark Latti, Outreach and Communications staffer for the Fisheries and Wildlife Department, provided this information in response to my questions.

Guides and landowners were cut out of the hunt this year by a new rule approved by DIF&W Commissioner Chandler Woodcock and the Fish and Wildlife Advisory Council.

Maine’s Department of Defense, Veterans Affairs and Emergency Management’s Bureau of Veterans Services assisted DIF&W in qualifying disabled veterans for the hunt.

Representative Stacey Guerin’s defense of Governor LePage was wildly inaccurate

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                 I published a column in this blog on August 4 that detailed the many promises to Maine sportsmen that  Governor Paul LePage broke over the past four years, including a major promise to provide public tax money to fund 20 percent of the budget of Maine’s Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

                That column is still available here if you want to read it. In response to that column, Rep. Stacey Guerin published an editorial page column in the Bangor Daily News on August 18, titled “Paul LePage is the sportsman’s (and woman’s) governor.”

The Salt Water Farm Cafe is a lively, beautiful place with very creative food

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                The view from the Salt Water Farm Cafe looks quite different in the summer. The outside deck is bustling and boats are in the harbor, quite a different picture than when we visited back in January during a snow storm for Sunday Brunch.

        But inside, the restaurant it is still a cozy spot to enjoy amazing food. I love that they focus on serving local food that is very fresh. That point was well made this time when I quickly noticed three types of wild mushrooms featured on the menu. We too search for, and indulge in, chanterelles and black trumpet mushrooms during the summer. My preparations of these pale in comparison to theirs for sure. George has been asking me to replicate his incredible appetizer of black trumpet gravy over biscuits at home. Oh, that I could!

If the Maine public cared about wildlife, they would help fund the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

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Don’t hold your breath waiting for Maine’s Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to get funding from the public. This column is a long one, but not as long as the road to DIF&W public funding – a road that turned out to be a dead end.

The Humane Society of the United States has challenged the credibility of the wildlife biologists at Maine’s Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, claiming they are biased toward sportsmen. I don’t think that’s true, but because the agency is entirely funded by sportsmen, they are open to that kind of challenge.

If in fact they always did what sportsmen wanted, my job at the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine for 18 years would have been a lot easier! In fact, I wouldn’t have had anything to do.

The best fly fishing spots in the Northeast are revealed here

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 From the stunningly beautiful photographs to the detailed access information, 50 Best Places – Fly Fishing The Northeast by Bob Mallard will be the standard guide for fly fishermen for decades to come.

Mallard is an outspoken fisheries advocate, fly shop owner, and obsessive angler. I’ve fished with him. You have to be prepared for a long day. I really don’t know anyone who brings as much passion to the sport. So he was a good choice for publisher Stonefly Press to pull this exceptional book together.

To Mainers, October means "Don't you move a gosh darn inch."

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            October defines my Maine. If we could extend one month to an entire year, this would be the one.

            The weather is perfect, sunny and cool. The crops are in, the bugs are gone, the hectic summer schedule is behind us.

            Proof that there is a God is found in the spectacular splash of color on every hardwood ridge. I spend a lot of October looking up.

            My favorite outdoor activities are never better. Fall fishing is the best fishing of the year. It took a long time for Maine to offer fishing in the fall. Our fishing season always ended on September 30. Now, we can fish year-round in many places. I am proud that the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine led the way on this.

A Favorite Destination: Bar Harbor's BlueNose Inn and Looking Glass Restaurant

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Bar Harbor
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Bar Harbor’s BlueNose Inn' Looking Glass Restaurant has added vegan dishes to its already amazing menu.


                We had the best view in the state for a morning cup of coffee, enjoyed on the deck of our fourth floor suite at Bar Harbor’s BlueNose Inn, high on a hill above the town overlooking the open ocean. Of course the BlueNose also offers the best view in the state for breakfast and dinner at its hilltop restaurant, the Looking Glass.

                But this story begins about 9 pm on Friday night, sitting in the lounge where Bill Trowell’s extraordinary piano playing has entertained the BlueNose’s guests for 18 years. Bill is amazing and we make sure to spend some time enjoying his music whenever we’re in Bar Harbor.

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