Got a Good Idea for Legislation?

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As soon as the election is over, I plan to work with legislators on bills that would benefit sportsmen and the fisheries and wildlife of Maine.

Actually, I’ve been doing that for the last couple of months, with legislative incumbents who are sure to be re-elected.

I’m also building a list of bills that I will be asking legislators to sponsor.

I’m offering readers of my blog the opportunity to suggest law changes or new laws that you would like legislators to consider.

Email your ideas and suggestions to me now, at

North Dakota Pheasants - Wild and Fast!

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The sky was full of pheasants, barreling right at me at what seemed to be 100 miles an hour. Up went the shotgun. I fired once. Twice. I reloaded. Fired again. Fired again. And I missed them all!

Pheasant hunting in Regent, North Dakota is humbling. The four misses happened on the second day of our four-day hunt. Well, it was raining and my glasses were fogged up. And the pheasants are fast. The gray sky made it difficult to distinguish the roosters from the hens as they flew at me, and you can only shoot roosters. And I’m not very good on passing shots. Those are all the excuses I could come up with.

On the third day, in the very same spot along the lake, a big rooster (the male pheasant) rose in front of Nellie, our dog, and flew by me at supersonic speed. And I killed it! My best shot of the week.

Pheasant hunting in North Dakota is also fantastic!

Winter Dreaming - Planning Ahead

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Yes, it’s time to think about winter. We like to break up the dreary cold icy oil-burning months with nice trips. Here are a few from the past and (hopefully) the future.


Last year’s winter get-a-way to Matt and Wendy Polstein’s New England Outdoor Center 10 miles west of Millinocket was spectacular. Dining in their exceptional River Driver’s Restaurant, staring across Millinocket Lake at the snow-covered Mount Katahdin, reminded us of why we love Maine winters – especially when we are enjoying a fine dinner – inside! There is no prettier dining spot in Maine.

Read More.


LMF Bond Focused on Deer

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Sportsmen have a great reason to vote Yes for the Land for Maine’s Future bond issue on the November 6 ballot. It’s all about deer!

Well, almost all about deer. Thanks to the good work of Dave Trahan, executive director of the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine, and SAM Board member Gerry Lavigne, language was added to the bond proposal that focuses the program on wildlife habitat, especially deer wintering areas. Here’s the specific language:

“Because portions of the State have deer populations that are struggling and deer wintering habitat is vital to the survival and enhancement of these populations, projects that conserve and protect deer wintering areas are considered to have special value and must receive preferential consideration during scoring of new applications to the State.”

Scorpions and Alligators Could be Living Next Door!

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“You can take the snake.”

That’s the first thing I heard at a September meeting of the Wildlife Technical Committee of the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

And then Derek Small took a small scorpion out of a container!

It turned out to be a confiscated creature, on its way to Avian Haven, a Maine animal rehabilitation facility. Small is associated with The W.I.L.D. Center & Zoological Park of New England, located in Rochester, New Hampshire, and a member of the Wildlife Technical Committee.

Four key people at DIF&W are spending a lot of time on exotic animal issues, permitting, and regulation. And sportsmen are paying for that work. The small amount of money that the agency makes from permits doesn’t come close to paying for this work.

Parks Director Encouraged that Crescent Beach Problem will be Resolved.

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            Will Harris told me today that he’s “encouraged” that the public’s use of half of one of Maine’s most popular beaches will not be lost. Harris is the Director of Maine’s Parks and Lands Bureau.

            On August 1, I published what I called a sad tale about one of the state’s most popular beaches. Here’s a brief summary of the story, with an update.

Two Great Pubs One Great City

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One great city. Two great brew pubs. And we’re not in Portland!


             While Portland grabs the headlines for foodies nationwide, Bangor’s our kind of place, with savvy civic leaders, a great waterfront on the Penobscot River, awesome events like the American Folk Festival, and (soon) a new Convention Center.

            Our home-away-from-home there is the Fireside Inn, owned by Bangor’s Lafayette family, hospitable hoteliers who offer superb service and comfort in their three-dozen hotels and inns.

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