A History of Ambition in 50 Hoaxes by Gale Eaton

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 A book about hoaxes seems very appropriate these days. Just sayin’.

And boy, some of the hoaxes in Gale Eaton’s book, A History of Ambition in 50 Hoaxes, published by Tilbury House, are amazing.

You will have heard of some of them, the Trojan Horse, the Ponzi scheme. But do you know the entire story? Pretty entertaining, to say the least.

Eaton selected hoaxes that range through human history from Medieval times (wow, the pope’s authority was a hoax!) to modern times. I was particularly fascinated by the moon landing conspiracy theory. Nope, these folks didn’t believe we actually landed on the moon.

Amazing fly fishing available in and around our national parks

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 Amazing fly fishing available in and around our national parks

To 25 Best National Parks Fly Fish by Terry and Wendy Gunn

Apparently, as Linda and I and our kids were visiting some of our most amazing national parks, I should have had my fly rod along. Don’t I wish that this new book, 25 Best National Parks To Fly Fish by Terry and Wendy Gunn, were available back then!

Well, not really, because those were family vacations, and later, after the kids grew up, Linda and I did fish in one of the most spectacular places: Alaska. In several trips to Montana for conferences, I also was blessed to have fished there with my friend Joe Sowerby of Montana Fly Fishing Connection, who grew up in Maine.

Wildfire goes fishing – and catches a lot of big ones!

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 One of Maine’s most outspoken advocates for our native brook trout is the guest on our TV talk show Wildfire, airing for the first time tonight. Bob Mallard has been an avid angler all of his life, and a fierce proponent of protecting and enhancing Maine’s native brookies.

Bob once had a busy fly shop in Skowhegan, and notes that a half dozen fly shops in and around that watershed are now closed. We talked about that, and a lot of other issues, including a legislative bill he has proposed to extend the protection of brook trout in more lakes and ponds.

We also talked about my proposal to extend protection of brookies from the small ponds to the tributaries where they spawn. I wrote about that issue not long ago.

Christmas Ideas

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                Wondering what Christmas gifts to get for your loved ones? A gift certificate may be the answer. Maybe your grown children would love a dinner out alone with their spouses, a brief respite from a busy life. Or, perhaps you are thinking of a getaway for a night or two at a nice inn for yourselves!

                George often came up with just such a gift for me when the kids were little. He loved the fact that he got to enjoy this gift too! We went to the Spruce Point Inn in Boothbay Harbor one year and it is still a great getaway today, one we visit for our travel columns. The view and grounds are incredible and the restaurant is top notch.

This tortuous hiking adventure is amazing and inspiring

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 You have to give Jeff Ryan credit for his determination, stamina, and love of the outdoors. It took Jeff 28 years to hike the Appalachian Trail, and many of his sectional hikes were, well, not much fun. That’s my opinion, only. He loved every hike, and that love and enjoyment comes through in his book, Appalachian Odyssey, published by Down East Books.

Over the years, Jeff endured terrible weather, injuries, and more, all with an amazingly positive attitude. Here’s how he described one hike.

Unforgettable Quebec fishing adventure with my wife

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                 Mainers are often reluctant travelers. Many have not even traversed the entire state in which they live.

                My folks had never been to Baxter Park until Linda and I purchased a camp near there. Few Mainers have been to Acadia National Park, even though every year millions visit there from all over the world.

                Aroostook County is unknown to most Mainers, its rolling hills of farmland and forests unseen. And I have talked with folks from northern Maine who had never been south of Bangor.

                My grandmother Edith Searles lived almost all of her long life in Lubec, staring across 10 miles of water to Grand Manan Island. And she never set foot on it.

You won’t believe the farmyard adventures of this Maine veterinarian

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 You won’t believe the farmyard adventures of this Maine veterinarian. He was trampled, dragged, mauled, and more by farm animals, especially horses.

I have to admit, Dr. Bradford Brown’s book, While You’re Here, Doc, published by Tilbury House, was a lot more interesting than I expected. Once I began reading, I couldn’t stop, spending an afternoon and evening racing through the non-stop astonishing stories – like this one about the final of six cows he was checking for pregnancy.

“I managed to lasso the last cow without much trouble. As I’d done with all the others, I ran for the truck bumper with my end of the rope. Then, somehow, before I got there the cow managed to tangle the rope around my right thigh.  Two seconds later she crashed through the flimsy fence of the corral, sending parts of it twenty feet into the air.

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