Celebrating Farm Fresh in Bangor

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                 The Maine Harvest Festival is an amazing event – and mouthwatering too! In just its third year, Judy Perkins of Garden Ridge Farm and her staff have turned this into a major statewide event, featuring more than 150 farmers and other creative people who filled the entire Bangor Auditorium.

                I spent a good part of the day eating my way from booth to booth. The Festival features great presentations on three stages, my favorite being Kate Krukowski Gooding’s presentation on cooking wild game. Her cookbooks are favorites of mine. At the festival Kate served an awesome lasagna with moose sausage and beaver meat. Dana Masters of Beast Feast Maine, a Maine Guide who invented the “Sportsman’s Blend Sauce,” supplied the sauce for the lasagna. We purchased Dana’s maple BBQ sauce and I can tell you it is very flavorful!

Children’s Christmas books can brighten Black Friday

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 Children’s Christmas books can brighten Black Friday

Lighting up a child’s Christmas with a wonderful book is a great experience. As one of my favorite Maine authors, Monica Wood, said recently, “When you receive a book, more than any other gift you feel chosen. If it’s a gift to a child, the children’s book becomes a continuum between lives and generations.”

I have just finished reading a bunch of Christmas story books for kids, some of which will be found under the Christmas tree for our grandchildren. Here are the books I can recommend to you. Not only are the stories wonderful in each of these books, but the illustrations are awesome. And yes, they will help establish that continuum between lives and generations.



Maine outdoor writer pens great story of her first-ever hunt

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It was my privilege to introduce Maine Today Media outdoor writer Deirdre Fleming to hunting, accompanying her on her first-ever deer hunt the first week of November. I’m now calling her DEERdre. Her story of our hunt, published on the front page of the Maine Sunday Telegram yesterday, was exceptionally good. You can read it here.

Today, I’m going to tell you the rest of the story. Well, some of the rest of the story. Let’s start with a correction. Deirdre cleaned up my act a bit when she wrote that when those small deer stepped out into the field, I whispered “deer.” Actually, I loudly whispered, “Shoot! Shoot!”

Swimming for the big buck

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 Another in my series: Game Mistakes    

                This mistake had a happy ending.

                For years I had a favorite spot in woods near the far corner of a small local pond. I could sit inside a rock formation and the deer had only a narrow pathway to go past me along the shore. There were always buck scrapes there, a sure sign that a buck will be along.

                It was late November and very cold. I spotted the buck quite a ways up in the woods, and sure enough, he came right to a scrape and straddled it. He was facing me, so I waited until he turned and continued on his way to take my best shot.

Talking about a life lived outdoors with Senator Tom Saviello

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Recently I was a guest on Senator Tom Saviello’s cable TV show, the Bow Tie Boys. We spent the half hour talking about what we love about our state, focused on stories from my book, A Life Lived Outdoors, published last year by Islandport Press.

You can purchase my book from any bookseller, online at www.islandportpress.com, amazon, or even from me if you’d like an autographed copy (send $19 to cover the book cost plus shipping to George Smith, 34 Blake Hill Road, Mount Vernon 04352, and be sure to tell me how you’d like the book autographed).

And you can get a good idea of what the book is all about by listening to Tom’s show. Enjoy!

The Riverside Inn and Bluebird Ranch Family Restaurant are a great combination

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                When I received the invitation to speak to a University of Maine at Machias class about fisheries and wildlife careers, I suggested to Linda that we turn this into a travel column trip and she quickly agreed. And we knew just where we wanted to stay: the Riverside Inn in East Machias.

                We’d been driving by the Inn for years on our way to Lubec and knew it to be a very popular place. When owners Ellen McLaughlin and Rocky Rakoczy also had a restaurant at the Inn, it seemed to be packed every time we went by. A few years ago they closed the restaurant but Rocky still cooks fantastic breakfasts for their guests. Alas, Rocky was out of state during our visit, but Ellen prepared a very tasty breakfast quiche for us which we enjoyed in our suite.

The signs of country life in Maine

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When the folks at Domain.ME offered me an opportunity to provide a post about Maine to help spread the word about their services, which offers website domain names ending with .ME, I knew just the column to connect the two. This column is in my book, “A Life Lived Outdoors,” published in 2014 by Islandport Press in Yarmouth. My intention is to highlight the unique features of our state while sharing with you why a .ME domain name is great for Maine residents, both for personal and business use. Now, I should be clear, .ME domain names aren’t the official domain names of Maine, but they are a perfect expression of who we are, a state of ME.


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