Rubber lures won't be banned in Maine - yet

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Despite finding substantial problems caused by rubber lures, Maine’s Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife will not recommend that these lures be banned.

Fisheries Biologist Dana DeGraaf presented a report today from his agency that was ordered up by the legislature’s Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Committee last session, after the committee hosted a public hearing on a bill to ban rubber lures. Here’s the conclusion of the report:

“Requiring the sale and use of only biodegradable SPLs is currently not a solution. There is currently no standard national or international definition for what constitutes ‘biodegradable plastic” and SPLs specifically. Based on the information presented in this report, the Department does not recommend any legislation at this time.”

Maine gets just one entry in outstanding book 50 Best Tailwaters to Fly Fish

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 Three things happened as soon as my hands touched 50 Best Tailwaters To Fly Fish by Terry & Wendy Gunn.

First, I looked in the table of contents for rivers I have fished, finding several, and proceeded right to page 113 and the Madison River. Immediately my head filled with images of my float trip on the Madison – so many wonderful images – a day never to be forgotten.

The author of that chapter, Craig Mathews, begins his detailed account of the Madison this way: “An old friend and veteran Madison River angler told me that one cannot own a river except in one’s heart. He knew the river and it was in his heart, he loved the Madison, and the same goes for me. I fish it one hundred days a year.”

Let's Do Lunch! At Flatbread in Portland

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 Great pizza with an ocean view make Flatbread a new favorite for "Let's Do Lunch!"

Read more.


Gene Letourneau honored in new sportsmen’s survey

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 Press Release - January 23, 2014

Contact: George Smith, 207-293-2661


Gene Letourneau honored in new sportsmen’s survey


A new survey that gives sportsmen an opportunity to voice their opinions on key issues is being named for long-time outdoor newspaper reporter Gene Letourneau.


Legislature tackles controversial issue of protecting wild brook trout

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Sportsmen Say Survey


The first question in my new Sportsmen Say Survey is about this issue. Please read this column, and then select “Sportsmen Say Survey” on this website and complete the survey. Make your voice heard on this critical issue! The legislature’s Inland Fisheries and Wildlife will receive a report and recommendations from Maine’s Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife on this issue on February 11.


The Issue


Boat owners may get big hike in milfoil sticker fee

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The legislature is considering a significant hike in milfoil sticker fees. LD 1626, sponsored by Rep. Mike McClellan of Raymond, would raise the milfoil sticker fee by $7 for Mainers and by $15 for nonresidents. This fee is now incorporated into the boat registration fee and must be paid when boats are registered.

The Lakes Environmental Association is a principle proponent of the legislation, and emailed a message today to its supporters urging them to contact legislators to express support for the bill.

“Only a small percentage of sticker revenues currently supports plant control, reported LEA. “Seventeen groups in Maine have programs underway and the most anyone receives from those fees is $5,740 annually. Private groups working to clean state waters contributed over $500,000 in cash and donated time and materials in 2013.

Lodges will get Maine moose hunting permits this year

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 Maine sporting camps, lodges, inns, and guides will get moose hunting permits this year. In a surprise move, the legislature – which had defeated similar proposals in the past – last year enacted LD 738, An Act to Promote the Maine Economy and Support Maine’s Sporting Camp Tradition, sponsored by Senator Troy Jackson.

Governor Paul LePage sat on the bill for more than 6 months and then allowed it to become law without his signature in early January.

Bill Swan, Director of Licensing at Maine’s Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, will be responsible for creating the special lottery that will distribute these permits. Bill told me today that the lottery will be held in advance of the regular moose lottery, and applicants will each get one permit unless there are more permits than applicants.

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